The newborn phase is blurry and beautiful, and it’s absolutely worth documenting right in your home, and one of my favorite fleeting moments to capture. 

Mama I know how hard it can feel to garner the energy to photograph those early postpartum days, but I also know how thankful every mother is to have these photos to help remind them of what it felt like to snuggle that tiny newborn baby.

My goal is to capture your new baby in your real life. I want you to look at these images and feel what it felt like to cuddle your baby with your busy toddler running around you, I want you to sink into the comfort of your own couch, or soak in the sun in your own backyard with your baby sleeping on your chest.

Your house can be messy, your outfits can be old, your kids can be wild — I do not care, in fact I love it! This is the phase of life you are in right now, and I’ll show you just how beautiful it truly is.