Cape Cod Family Photos 3

Documenting The Moments That Matter

I may not be able to slow down time, or keep your babies little, but I can do the next best thing. As a mom I know deeply that desire to bottle up those open mouth baby kisses, those sleepy snuggles, and your toddler’s infectious smile. I know that sometimes you hold on a little tighter, or breathe a little deeper hoping that you can imprint this feeling in your body forever. 

Those moments you don’t ever want to forget, I want to capture that. The season your family is in right now is worth remembering. My job is to capture your family’s story today so that years from now you will be able to look back at photos you can truly feel…and while we’re at it let’s capture it all on film.

You could say I'm just a little bit passionate about this whole motherhood thing...

Hi, I’m Meg! Depending on the day you can find me with my film camera in hand photographing beautiful families, or supporting mamas and babies as a maternal-child health dietitian, but my most important role will always be mama. With two baby girls under two I am in the thick of those beautiful, exhausting, messy, magical days of raising tiny humans, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 


When you know you know