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I'm Meg

Registered Dietitian (MS, MPH, RDN), Mama, Founder of The Well Co.

Mom to a happy baby girl, and registered dietitian specializing in prenatal, postpartum, and infant wellness. I’ve always felt a deep connection to supporting mothers and babies, but nothing made me more committed to helping moms and babies thrive than going through my own pregnancy and postpartum journey myself.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the beautiful, messy, heart expanding, transformative experience that is motherhood, and if there is one thing I know for sure it is this . . . mothers need to be nurtured and supported just as much as they nurture and support their loved ones, and that is my hope for what I can be for you.

Our Story

Before becoming pregnant with my daughter in 2020, I had spent years studying maternal child health and traveling the world, witnessing how mothers and babies were supported (or not supported) by their communities.

I’ve always felt drawn to the beauty that is the maternal child connection, but as a dietitian I wanted to better understand the role that food culture and female empowerment played in nourishing women and children. I also fell in love with capturing the moments between mothers and their children (you can learn more about that here).

It didn’t take long for it to become very clear to me that when mothers were supported, well nourished, and valued, their children (and communities) thrived.

Mothers need a village of other mothers

The day after having my daughter, my midwife sat across from me and told me that “I was now a mom, something I would only have to become once, and something I could not do alone.” 

Yes I had my husband beside me, but we all knew he wasn’t who she was referring to. I needed other women, I needed other mothers.

She told me a story about how historically new mothers and their babies would be nurtured and nourished by the mothers and women who came before, and allowed to rest and bond with their babies in those early postpartum days.

Sadly, this is something that new mothers and their babies just don’t get enough of today.

our why:

Because mothers and babies deserve better


Now more than ever we are living far away from our families, with maybe a few months of maternity leave (if we are “lucky”), and incredibly high costs of childcare. 

There is a rise in the desire to breastfeed, yet new mothers continue to lack access to lactation support, and postpartum care is defined by a singular 6-week check-in.

Mothers have more responsibilities but less help than ever, and we wonder why postpartum anxiety and depression is on the rise?! 

We have so much work to do when it comes to supporting mothers and babies who deserve so much better. 

This is why I founded The Well Co. and what we are so passionate about changing. By helping mothers feel better supported, less alone, and more empowered in their choices to nourish themselves and their littles I know that my work was well worth it.

Education & Experience

I have a decade of education and experience under my belt and I’ll never be done learning! 

  • Mama (my most important credential and experience to date, 2020)
  • Master of Science, Nutrition, Tufts University, School of Nutrition (2016).
  • Master of Public Health, Tufts University School of Medicine (2016)
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (1500 clinical hours)
  • Herbalism Training (Herbal Academy of New England, 2018)
  • International Baby Led Weaning Network Pediatric Health Professional Member (2021)
  • Advanced Certifications In Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Infant Nutrition (Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition, 2021)
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