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Madre by Megan

Nourishing the health and wellbeing of mothers and their little ones through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond

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I'm Meg

maternal-child health dietitian (MS, MPH, RDN), lifestyle family film photographer

You could say that I am just a little bit passionate about this whole motherhood thing. As a mom to two beautiful girls under two I am deep in the messy, wonderful world of raising tiny humans and I wish everyday for time to move just a little slower. Becoming a mother completely transformed how I see the world and how I support others. When I’m not caring for my babies, you can find helping to nourish mamas through the many phases of motherhood as a maternal-child health dietitian, or with my film camera in hand capturing memories for the beautiful families I get to serve.

About Madre

Before becoming pregnant with my daughter in 2020, I had spent years studying maternal child health and traveling the world, witnessing how mothers and babies were supported (or not supported) by their communities.

I’ve always felt drawn to the beauty that is the maternal child connection, but as a dietitian I wanted to better understand the role that food culture and female empowerment played in nourishing women and children. I also fell in love with capturing the moments between mothers and their children that embody a love too deep for words.

It didn’t take long for it to become very clear to me that when mothers were supported, well nourished, and valued, their children (and communities) thrived. For these reasons I founded Madre, with the goal of helping nourish more mothers and their little ones through the many stages of motherhood, while also helping them feel seen in their greatest role and accomplishment.

What We Do

nurturing the wellbeing of mothers and their little ones, while capturing the moments you never want to forget

The Madre Membership

Your one stop shop for supporting your wellbeing through pregnancy, postpartum, and feeding littles. On-demand classes, pdfs, and resources.

The Madre Recipe Guides

Recipe guides and sample meal plans for pregnancy, postpartum, starting solids and feeding picky littles that helps takes the guess work out of eating well.

Family Film Photography

Capturing the beautiful phase of life your family is in right now with lifestyle film photography that becomes more valuable with time.

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Education & Experience

I have a decade of education and experience under my belt and I’ll never be done learning! 

  • Mama (my most important credential and experience to date, 2020)
  • Master of Science, Nutrition, Tufts University, School of Nutrition (2016).
  • Master of Public Health, Tufts University School of Medicine (2016)
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (1500 clinical hours)
  • Herbalism Training (Herbal Academy of New England, 2018)
  • International Baby Led Weaning Network Pediatric Health Professional Member (2021)
  • Advanced Certifications In Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Infant Nutrition (Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition, 2021)
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My Favorite Things

For mom, baby & family

Pour yourself some coffee (or warm up that cold one you never finished from this morning) and take a look through my well loved, and mama tested must haves. From my favorite maternity and baby registry essentials, to the clean skincare that saved my breakout prone skin, to the supplements I use and recommend, and the cutest sustainable kids clothing and toy brands — mama I’ve got you covered.

free guide

Our dietitian approved baby led feeding guide will walk you through what to expect when starting solids, the best (and worst) first foods for baby, our favorite infant feeding supplies, and so much more to help you feel confident and excited about this new phase with your  baby.