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Created For The Modern Mother

Our pregnancy, postpartum, and infant offerings are designed to help you feel supported while fitting into your busy life. 

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Our Why

Before having my first baby I had all these ideas of how pregnancy, labor, and early motherhood would go. 

But as so many mothers know, the process to becoming a mom isn’t always so positive and linear, in fact for most it’s pretty frickin hard. 

After my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and my second pregnancy began right at the start of a global pandemic I began to understand the real weight that mothers carry every day, and how much more support is needed.


but you deserve to feel supported too!

So I created The Well Co. with the purpose of helping more mothers feel supported, seen, and cared for as they make their way through pregnancy, postpartum, and nourishing their little ones. 

Because nutrition is the foundation our bodies require to thrive, and there is never a more important time to focus on the role food can play in fueling our minds and healing our bodies than during the incredible transformation of motherhood.

Free For You Mama

We recommend starting with these resources

No matter the stage of motherhood you are currently in, we have created some free resources that will help make navigating this beautiful and challenging season of life a little easier.


The Well Pregnancy Supplement

Finding out you are pregnant is both exciting and overwhelming! This guide will help you choose the best pregnancy supplements to support you & baby.


The Well Nourished Guide To Breastfeeding

This breastfeeding guide will walk you through everything you need to know about breastfeeding nutrition, food focused ways to help improve milk supply, and our favorite breastfeeding essentials we can’t live without.


Baby led feeding Guide To Starting Solids

Starting solids with your baby can be both exciting and overwhelming, so we’re taking the guesswork out of where to begin.

For every stage of motherhood

Our Signature Courses

pregnant woman holding belly pregnancy safe sunscreen brands


The Well Nourished Pregnancy

postpartum diet foods for nourishing the new mother


Nourishing The New Mother

pears in bags for eating with the seasons


Baby Led Feeding Beginnings

our bestseller

Bundle Our Signature Workshops

While our three signature workshops were created to serve mothers in specific stages of growth, they were also designed to work together and seamlessly flow into each other.

Grab all three of our signature workshops at a discounted price for a well-rounded education and blueprint for creating a well nourished pregnancy, preparing for postpartum, and a confident starting solids experience with your baby.


about your teacher

Meet Meg

Registered Dietitian (MS, MPH, RDN), Mama, Founder of The Well Co.

Mom to a happy baby girl, and registered dietitian specializing in prenatal, postpartum, and infant wellness. I have always had a passion for supporting moms and babies, but nothing made me more committed to helping moms and babies thrive than going through my own pregnancy and postpartum journey myself.

Nothing can quite prepare you for the beautiful, messy, heart expanding experience that is motherhood, and if there is one thing I know for sure it is this . . . mothers need to be nurtured and supported too, and I hope that is what I can do just for you.

Perfect for busy parents

The Well Co. Classes

Our Well Co. Classes cover the most commonly asked questions we get from parents and caregivers in our community. Each class includes a 60 minute webinar and downloadable e-guide that you can watch and review on your own time! We offer new classes live once a month available for sign-up, but all of our classes are recorded and available anytime you are!

class topics

Starting Solids 101
For Beginner's

Introducing Allergens for Baby

Preparing for Postpartum

Preparing for Pregnancy

our mama favorites

The Well Nourished Recipe E-Books

Our bestselling mama favorites are our recipe e-books created specifically for pregnancy, postpartum, and feeding infants and babies. 

Designed by a dietitian and mom, our recipe e-books were created to make prepping and cooking meals for yourself and little ones so much easier, all while meeting the specific nutrient needs of pregnancy, postpartum, and infant feeding! 

With over 50 easy to make recipes in each recipe e-book, sample meal plans, and tips for getting a freezer stocked with goodies our Well Nourished Recipe E-Books are just what every busy mom needs!

deciding What's For Dinner Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Well Nourished Recipe E-books

the well nourished pregnancy e-book


Nourished Pregnancy Recipe E-Book


Nourishing The New Mother Recipe E-book


The Well Nourished Baby Recipe E-Book

The Bonuses

Get access to these exclusive bonuses curated just for you mama with a purchase of any one of our signature workshops or e-books.

Discount codes to our favorite mama and dietitian approved brands

Hospital bag checklist (what you actually need!)

Exclusive baby-led-weaning recipes that the whole family will love!

Future product sales

Frequently Asked Questions–

Due to the digital nature of our offerings, refunds are not available. However, we want all of our clients to be 100% happy with their purchase and are always willing to work with you to make sure that you feel satisfied with your choice to purchase one of our offerings.

Absolutely! So many moms we work with find that the second (or third) time around they actually want to do things differently to support their health and the health of their baby. So no matter how many children you already have, it is never too late to learn how to better nourish your body, prepare for postpartum, and gain more knowledge and confidence for feeding your baby.

For pregnant mamas, even those in their third trimester, we always recommend starting with our Well Nourished Pregnancy Guide or bundling our pregnancy, postpartum, and infant feeding guides for the biggest discount and to really set you up for success!

All of our guides are self paced, which means you can access and work your way through the information at your own time, however they do not include 1:1 support. At this time your best way to gain 1:1 support with Megan is by attending one of our live online workshops, or a future Mama Support Circle.

free guide

Our dietitian approved baby led feeding guide will walk you through what to expect when starting solids, the best (and worst) first foods for baby, our favorite infant feeding supplies, and so much more to help you feel confident and excited about this new phase with your  baby.