15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


January 9, 2022


Swimsuit shopping can be tricky, but we are making the process a whole lot easier by rounding up 15 of our favorite eco friendly swimwear brands and the best sustainable swimsuits for every body and budget!

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What Is Eco Friendly Swimwear?

Swimsuit shopping usually means that warm weather is on it’s way (or at least a warm weather vacation to escape the cold), and if you are anything like me, just the thought of picking out some new eco friendly swimwear for hot days by the beach is enough to get you excited for summer! While I absolutely used to be someone who thought I needed a new bathing suit ever year, now I have a quality over quantity approach to bathing suits that has been much better for my wallet and the planet.

Luckily today there are so many amazing eco friendly swimwear brands popping up that are making it easier for people who love spending time at the beach or lake to also make a choice that is better for our planet. While most sustainable swimsuits will still be made using synthetic/plastic derived materials (unless you are opting for a crocheted number), today there are some really innovative and recycled textiles that are changing the game when it comes to sustainable swimwear.

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget

For this list of eco friendly swimwear brands, we really focused on pulling together a complete list that took into account budget and size inclusivity. While no sustainable swimwear brand is ever going to be as “cheap” as a fast fashion alternative, I really encourage you to think about investing in less swimwear pieces and saving so you can spend a little more on items that have been made ethically and are putting the planet and people first.

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


Everlane focuses on partnering with the best ethical factories world wide and using both sustainable and recycled materials. Their new line of swimwear is made from regenerated nylon derived from recycled plastic. Learn about the Everlane No New Plastic initiative here.

Separates begin at $40 with one-pieces priced at $65

Shop Everlane

Summersalt Sustainable Swimwear


Summersalt took over 1.5 million body measurements to ensure that their swimsuits can provide the perfect fit for all body types. All summersalt textiles are made using recycled materials that offer 4x the compression of other swimsuit fabrics and are made to last!

While no sustainable swimsuit brand will ever be as cheap as a fast fashion alternative, Summersalt cuts out the middle man to provide direct to consumer, designer pieces at the best price.

One pieces start at $95 and separates start at $50

Shop Summersalt

Madewell Sustainable Swimwear

Madewell Sustainable Swimwear

While Madewell has a long way to go before I would classify it as a sustainable brand, the company has begun to transition some parts of its clothing lines towards more eco friendly and sustainable practices.

Their eco friendly swimwear is one example of this where Madewell is partnering with other eco friendly swimwear brands to bring eco friendly swimwear options to their large consumer market at affordable prices.

One pieces begin at $75 and separates at $59.50

Shop Madewell Sustainable Swimwear

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


Reformation is based in Los Angeles, California and make stunning sustainable swimwear and other types of clothing all from sustainable or deadstock fabrics. For their eco friendly swimwear, most of Reformations swimwear pieces are made from a recycled and regenerated textile called ECONYL.

On top of using sustainable textiles in their manufacturing practices, Reformation also has strong sustainability commitments to going carbon neutral, water neutral, and working only with ethical factories which they maintain a close and transparent supply chain with.

One pieces begin at $98 and separates at $78

Shop Reformation

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


The new Maaji swimwear Return collection, part of their E.W. line, is made with fabrics produced in Colombia and knitted with premium post-consumer recycled yarn from recovered plastic bottles. This collection uses an Eco Digital printing process which reduces water use by 98% and the overall production process produces 80% less Co2.

One pieces start at $154 and separates start at $58

Shop Maaji

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


Prana has an impressive history of being a leader in the sustainable fashion movement, and their sustainable swimwear is no different! Made with active women in mind, Prana has created a line of sustainable swinsuits made mostly from a sustainable textile called ECONYL, which is made from recycled nylon.

One pieces begin at $90 and separates at $45 with sale items priced significantly lower.

Shop Prana

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


Seea makes beautiful sustainable swimwear and rash guards all from sunny California, where they focus their designs on meeting the needs of active sun lovers, with a little vintage twist.

Using a variety of recycled fabrics to manufacture all of their swimwear and is committed to producing all of their sustainable swimsuits in the USA by skilled seamstresses who are fairly paid.

One pieces begin at $120 and separates at $70 will sale items marketed down to $35

Shop Seea

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


Made in the UK, Boden designs sustainable swimwear in a wide variety of cuts and colors that will fit just about anyones swim style. Recently Boden has committed to making all of their products more eco-friendly. The first stop is with their new sustainable swimsuits line that is crafted from ECONYL® regenerated nylon fabric.

One pieces start at $85 and separates at $38

Shop Boden

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


Aerie has made a name for itself for being a brand that is deeply committed to body size inclusivity. Now the brand is expanding to also make sustainability and good environmental stewardship an important pillar of their brand with their “Read Good” line of eco friendly swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles & recycled nylon fabric in inclusive sizes.

One pieces begin at $49.95 and separates at $19.95

Shop Aerie Real Good Swimwear

Athleta Sustainable Swimwear


Athleta is a certified B-corporation, and has been a leader in the sustainable and eco friendly swimwear and activewear industry. Their sustainable swimsuits are made from recycled H₂ECO fabric which provides a smooth and sleek feel with powerful stretch.

One pieces begin at $44 and separates begin at $98

Shop Athleta

Athleta Sustainable Swimwear

Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman’s entire collection of sustainable swimwear is made using recycled materials such as REPREVE, which is a textile made from 100% recycled plastic and offsets the use of new carbon emissions.

While Mara Hoffman pieces are definitely on the more expensive end they are made to last for many many years to come.

Separates begin at $145 one pieces $290

Shop Mara Hoffman


Mara Hoffman Sustainable Swimwear


Patagonia recently transitioned all of their swimwear to fair trade, and focuses on using recycled materials for their swimwear.

83% of Patagonia’s swimsuits are currently made from recycled polyester, which is saving used polyester from landing in landfills where it can take 200 years to decompose. 

One pieces begin at $129 and separates begin at $55

Shop Patagonia

Patagonia Sustainable Swimwear Brands


BIKYNI is an eco-friendly, ethical swimwear brand that is designed and produced ethically in California. Materials are sourced from a mill in Italy that has been creating performance fabrics for over 50 years. All BIKYNI style are designed with minimalism and are meant to be timeless.

One pieces begin at $100 and separates begin at $58

Shop Bikyni

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget

Vitamin A

Vitamin A bikinis and bodysuits are designed and produced locally in California. Their, signature EcoLux fabric- a technically and environmentally superior luxe fabric, made from recycled nylon. They also launched an “Everything But Water” line as well that is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

One pieces begin at $ and separates begin at $

Shop Vitamin A

15 Eco Friendly Swimwear Brands For Every Body And Budget


An Australian recycled swimwear brand for women, with 10% of profits given to rainforest protection and women’s education globally.

The bikinis are also reversible so you basically get two for the price of one.

One pieces begin at $179 and separates begin at $79

Shop Baiia

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