The Best Winter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials For Busy Moms


November 1, 2022

This mom-friendly winter capsule wardrobe is filled with cozy and functional pieces that will help make getting dressed so much easier!

winter capsule wardrobe mom wearing camel coat and jeans

Why Every Mom Needs A Winter Capsule Wardrobe?

When I became a mom during the late-Fall and experienced my first cozy (cabin fever) winter mostly spent indoors with a newborn baby, I realized how much better getting dressed made me feel, and a winter capsule wardrobe was a necessity!

Getting dressed can be tough as a mom, especially if you are in that tough postpartum phase, and feel like every few hours you need to change you clothes do to one baby or kid related disaster.

I knew that getting dressed each day (or most days) would help me feel better about myself, but I also knew that my wardrobe had to be seriously paired down to make getting dressed easy. I also realized that certain types of clothes just weren’t realistic to wear during this phase of life (ie: anything dry clean only).

I’ve done capsule(ish) wardrobes before for other seasons and knew that a streamlined wardrobe where everything inside I knew would make me feel good was just what I needed.

winter capsule wardrobe essentials for busy moms

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Should Be: Comfortable, Functional, Reflect Your Style

As I began thinking more about what I needed in a mom specific winter capsule wardrobe, I kept coming back to a few essential factors:

  • Comfort
  • Functional
  • Reflect My Style

The winters can be long here in New England. With icy cold temperatures, wind chills, snow, sleet, ice, and all of the above coming at you for many months, making sure that your winter capsule wardrobe is comfortable, functional, and still makes you feel good is essential.


I found that when I was postpartum I really couldn’t stand wearing any clothes that weren’t 100% comfortable. This is why when it comes to creating your mom approved winter capsule wardrobe, comfort is the #1 priority. No one feels good feeding a baby or chasing a toddler in an itchy sweater, jeans that feel too tight, or clothes that never seem to keep them warm. If you are going to actually want to get dressed then your clothes have to actually feel good on!


If there is one season that you should prioritize investing in highly functional wardrobe staples that may be more expensive it is winter. A really warm and also sustainable winter jacket is going to be more expensive, but it also will most likely last you for a decade or longer, and will help you stay warm and really enjoy winter.


Lastly there is style to consider. While winter may not be the most fashion forward season, you can still curate a winter capsule wardrobe that feels like you. The winter months can feel like they go on for ever, and making sure that the clothes in your wardrobe make you feel good about yourself is just one small form of daily self care.

How To Create A Winter Capsule Wardrobe

When you first sit down to plan out your mom approved winter capsule wardrobe I would highly recommend laying all your winter pieces out on your bed in categories (sweaters, shoes, pants, jackets, etc.). This way when you start to plan out what you currently love, what you really need, and what you don’t like very much.

  • What clothes do you love in your current wardrobe?
  • What clothes do you wear most?
  • What clothes do you feel you need more of?
  • What clothes do you not need any more of?
  • What colors are you drawn to?
  • How do you want your personal style and wardrobe to make you feel?

Assess What You Already Have

Now begin to go through your current wardrobe and pull out everything that you could actually envision yourself wearing over the next few months. The pieces you pull are going to be the foundation for your winter capsule that we will work to build the rest of the capsule wardrobe around. The rest you can pack away to see if you actually miss them, or you could try selling or donate.

Make A List

Once you have a good idea of what clothes you already own will be a part of your sustainable winter capsule wardrobe it’s time to make a checklist of everything you really feel you need and what you would ideally like/want to add to your winter capsule wardrobe, and hopefully my mom-friendly winter capsule wardrobe will be helpful for inspiration.

Avoid Trends

Fast fashion has created a monster of constantly changing trends that fuel our desire to buy-buy-buy. While purchasing an on-trend item once in a while isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for the most part creating a capsule wardrobe is about choosing intentional and timeless pieces that feel like you — not the latest trend. This can take some trial and error, but generally speaking, if something is “trending” it probably isn’t the best choice to add to your capsule wardrobe.

winter capsule wardrobe

The Winter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials I’m Loving

The following are my favorite mom friendly winter capsule wardrobe pieces that I have been loving this winter season. I personally focus on trying to purchase mainly from sustainable clothing brands, and try to make sure that anything new I purchase isn’t a duplicate of other similar items I already have in my wardrobe. This year I upgraded my winter parka, which I LOVE, and added a few other staple pieces like the coziest leggings, and black chelsea boots that immediately make me feel more put together.

Prana Foundation Turtleneck

This turtleneck is buttery soft and the perfect base layer. I love wearing it tucked into high waisted jeans, or under a vest or cardigan.

J.Crew Pull On Slip Skirt

This slip skirt is so beautiful and paired with the oversized alpaca wool sweater below makes for a really pretty winter outfit for those rare date nights or girls night out.

Everlane Oversized Alpaca Wool Sweater

I love this sweater. It is so soft and cozy and truly feels like you are wearing a cloud. I personally don’t find it itchy at all, but if you are super sensitive to wool then you may need to wear an underlayer underneath.

Prana Esla Vest

For milder days or when we want to do some activity like snow shoeing or cross-country skiing, I love this vest! I have it in the hunter green color and really love the look and know that it will be nice to have for shoulder season days or when a bulky winter jacket may not be necessary.

Prana Emerald Valley Jacket

Insulated jackets are a must for our intense New England winters, and this insulated jacket by prAna is one of the best lightweight insulated jackets I have found. It is so lightweight that is could easily be packed into a suitcase, but I have been really impressed by how well it stands up to the cold! So far this is the long insulated jacket I have been reaching for over and over all winter.

Check out more of my other favorite sustainable winter coats here.

J.Crew Italian Wool Coat

I some didn’t have a tan coat going into this winter and I have wanted one many winters in a row now. This year I decided to go with this Italian Wool Coat from J.Crew for it’s mid-length cut and simple design. It looks great with a dress or skirt/tights, and can easily make an outfit of leggings and boots feel a little more put together. So far I have been really happy with the quality and surprised by how warm it has been on even the chilliest nights.

Check out more of my other favorite sustainable winter coats here.

Everlane 24/7 Leggings

These leggings are buttery soft and are great for everything from working out to hanging out around the house, or even dressing up for work or heading out for errands.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

A pair of faux leather leggings is a winter staple in my book. These leather leggings look and feel great and are so easy to dress up or down. I love how faux leather leggings immediately make me feel like I put some effort into my outfit without really trying.

Everlane 90s Cheeky Jean

Everlane makes some of my favorite sustainable denim and these jeans are a new favorite of mine. They are 100% cotton and kind of remind me of Levi’s. If you are used to denim jeans with some stretch in them then these may take a little getting used to, but once you wear them in I promise they will quickly become a new favorite.

Athleta Brooklyn Lined Joggers

I have the un-lined brooklyn joggers in their tan camo color for spring/summer/fall and wear them all the time! This winter I knew I wanted to get the lined pair for cold winter days and they have not disappointed.

Madewell Allweek Slipper In Suede

We don’t wear shoes in the house, and especially not in the winter when snow and mud is constantly being tracked in. This year I knew I wanted a slipper that still kind of felt like a shoe to help me feel a little more dressed and then suede allweek slippers by Madewell have become my favorite to wear everyday.

Sorel Explore II Joan Snow Boot

I was in need of some new snow boots and when I saw these I knew I wanted to try them. Sorel has always been my favorite when it comes to snow boots and these Joan II snow boots are SO warm and comfortable. I also like that they come up a little higher to keep my feet and lower legs dry on snowy days.

Nisolo Black Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a staple in my wardrobe and can make even a sweatshirt and black leggings look cute and put together. I have always loved Nisolo and while their shoes are on the more expensive side they will truly last forever. All my Nisolo shoes have worn so well, and these Chelsea boots are no different!

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